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We Manage, You Earn

Few Words About Us

Passive Trucking is providing a gateway into the trucking business.

Partner with an experienced company to help launch and manage your trucking business. Our staff of skilled employees will manage your logistics company from A to Z, eliminating your workload and allowing you to gain true passive income.

Passive Trucking Provides                           

  • Assistance locating your new truck that meets our required partnership specifications

  • Vehicle and liability insurance

  • Staffing your truck with a qualified driver

  • Getting and managing loads

  • Weekly settlement payouts to our partners

  • Assistance with all maintenance                           


Partner Provides

  • The truck that meets passive trucking's requirements

  • 100% of all maintenance expenses


Start-Up Expenses

  • $85,000-$95,000: Average truck cost (Finance options are available with an average 20-50% down payment)

  • $1,000: Passive trucking fee if we assist with locating your truck.

  • $1,500: Onboarding fee (Adds you to our insurance, provides you with a dedicated point person for all needs)

  • $2,000: License plates and IFTA (This is paid to the state, but we will walk you through the process)   

Weekly  Settlement Payments

  • You will receive a flat rate settlement per week from passive trucking for every week that your vehicle is on the road.

  • Settlement payments are paid every Friday.

  • Your truck is always in your name or your company name.

  • It always remains your asset, you are simply leasing your truck to us and we are paying you weekly.

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